During the design stage of a project it’s typically not determined with which materials the cabinetry will be constructed. Architectural plans will usually show the size and location of the cabinetry, but it’s left to the owner to decide on the specifics. Wood cabinets are usually specified by the contractor for the front of the house and stainless steel for the kitchen area as it’s easier for them to keep their projects confined to their subs.


If you want wood cabinets then order wood cabinets, but be sure you know what you’re getting.

The normal wood cabinet is made of laminated particle board. This would be the entry level into commercial cabinetry. Particle board looks like plywood, but is constructed of wood particles pressed together with glue. Although when new it’s fairly strong, particle board deteriorates in age and when in contact with moisture. You may have observed cabinets with wavy tops. Also, particle board has a difficult time keeping screws and hardware secure over time. This is why you may have seen cabinets with doors missing or crooked. Finally, particle will be first to separate from laminate when compared to other cabinetry materials.

The good news is particle board should be the most economical of cabinetry choices as the material and construction cost are the least expensive.


We recommend the wood cabinets be made of marine grade plywood instead of particle board. This construction will greatly improve the cabinetry strength, the cabinet’s shape and will keep your hardware in place. Marine grade plywood will be significantly less vulnerable to moisture. The Perfect Fit USA offers these marine grade plywood cabinets as our standard.


One of our contracted manufacturers offer a cabinetry package in which the entire run of cabinets are built on a metal frame with 6” adjustable support legs. The kick can easily be removed to clean thoroughly under the cabinetry. This frame keeps all the cabinets straight and level. Additionally, this design eliminates the need for costly cove base flooring to be installed. Installation is simple and the cabinets may be moved in the future.





24 Convenience 10-28-10 001AALL METAL CABINETS

Until a few years ago, metal cabinets were associated mostly with the convenience store market as they are the best solution to keeping a good appearance through rugged use, longevity and the constant introduction to moisture. The appearance packages for metal cabinets have been improved greatly and today metal cabinets are just as viable for the front room as are any other option. Instead of just a powder coated paint exterior they also offer laminate exteriors of choice just like wood cabinets.


All of the above choices accept a wide variety of surface materials for the cabinetry tops. The Perfect Fit USA offers laminate, stainless steel and solid surface (man-made stone) materials.

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