Our experts at The Perfect Fit USA have over two decades of experience in the food service/convenience store design and equipment procurement business as well as the practical know-how to get the job done in a timely, cost-effective, economical, and professional manner. The Project Management process starts with an initial consultation in which all parties share their ideas, visions, and details concerning the job at hand. From there, the project will move in whichever direction it needs to go to meet established goals and fulfill specified functions. This could include 3D Design/Rendering, equipment procurement and installation depending on your project’s needs. Throughout the entire process, we ensure that all parties are on the same page and that the necessary steps to realize your dreams happen on time and are successful in achieving the desired result. From our Design to Floor Plans to Equipment Fixture Schedules and to equipment delivery, we keep your project running smoothly and on budget.

Project Manual
The provided Project Manuals will be complete with the necessary plan, equipment information (cut sheets), and a complete Equipment Fixture Schedule required to obtain approvals and permits as well as supply electrical, plumbing, and engineering information to your trades. It is essential that all project partners’ work be based on the same set of information to ensure timely project completions that stay within the projected budget.

Help us understand your job better by downloading and filling out one of the questionnaires below.

Convenience Store Questionnaire (PDF)

New Facility Questionnaire (PDF)

Design Agreement (FREE design services)
The Agreement below explains our design services program in detail. It is required that “Full Design Services” clients sign and return this agreement with a deposit of $1,650.00. All deposit monies will be credited to the final invoice as long as the client purchases $20,000.00 or more in new equipment from The Perfect Fit USA. If the customer fails to purchase this amount  the deposit will be retained by The Perfect Fit USA. Lesser Design Deposit amounts are applicable for smaller and less involved design assistance.

This “deposit then credit” procedure exists in order to discourage prospective clients from taking advantage of our time and effort with no intent to proceed with the project.

Floor Plan Deposit Agreement (PDF)