Home Equipment Procurement in Camarillo, CA

The Perfect Fit USA is a leading industry expert in all things restaurant, foodservice equipment, and Home Equipment Procurement: from Bakery, Pastry, and Deli Display Cases to complete lines of Commercial Refrigeration Equipment to Ice Cream, Yogurt, and Gelato Machines, Commercial Espresso, and Coffee Machines, Produce Cases, Merchandise Shelving, Cook Line equipment, Baking, and Cooking Ovens, Shelving, Ventilation, and Fire Hoods, all the way to Restaurant Furniture, we provide everything you need to make your foodservice establishment run like a well-oiled machine. We offer custom designs, orders, and installations to turn your visions into reality.

Please don’t hesitate to reach us if you need any assistance because we have formed creative collaborations with dozens of other restaurant equipment supply experts like ourselves. We can recommend and acquire the specialty items you need, no matter your food business, and we will make sure everything fits your business’ needs perfectly!


Bakery Display Cases

Your pastries, cakes, and baked goods taste like little pieces and slices of heaven, so it’s essential that their display does them justice. A state of the art display case can help enhance the crisp and colorful features that make your products irresistible―first to the eye, then to the taste buds! Whether you are looking for bakery display cases for your convenience store, delicatessen or commercial bakery, we have a wide selection for you to choose from.

At The Perfect Fit USA, we believe in providing you with the best selection of premium bakery display cases as well as the highest level of customer service when making this investment. You can choose to buy a single appliance, or you may want to find out more about our equipment package service contracts.

Ice Cream Display Freezers

Nothing beats a frosty scoop of ice cream, gelato, or frozen yogurt on a hot summer day. To ensure that the consistency, texture, flavor, and integrity of your frozen treats isn’t compromised, opt for one of The Perfect Fit USA’s high-end ice cream display cases that not only maintains an ideal temperature but also makes its presentation as mouth-watering as the gelato itself. Essential to any gelateria, ice cream parlor, sorbet or froyo shop, our ice cream display freezers give you the perfect way to display, store, and serve all of your ice cream flavors in one handy appliance.

Thanks to heat reflective glass, you can show off all of your ice cream varieties without worrying about them melting, at the same time attracting attention and inspiring impulse purchases from customers walking past or coming in off the street. No matter what your shop’s size, decor or budget, we are confident that we have the right ice cream display freezer to suit your needs. With both domestic and European models to choose from you are guaranteed to find the perfect fit for your concept, whether it’s an old-fashioned ice cream and malt shop or an Italian Gelateria with a sleek, modern look.

When you need an ice cream display freezer that will help you keep your cool even during the hottest months of the year, The Perfect Fit USA has the answer. We are the leading industry experts when it comes to food service display appliances and we will gladly assist you in finding the right ice cream display freezer for your business.

Deli Display Cases

At The Perfect Fit USA, we offer a wide range of deli display cases in different sizes and styles. From full service units to self-serve and low height cases, we have your deli storage and display needs covered. Our deli display cases are perfect for keeping your food items at just the right temperature, whether you are serving hot or cold foods.

Now you can keep your cheeses, salads, meats, and desserts at the optimum temperature while also showcasing them in a visually appealing way. Not only will this attract customers to your deli display cases, but they will also be able to easily identify the deli products they would like to purchase. Whether your business requires rear-access cases for employee served items or front-access for grab-and-go lines, our deli display cases are just the thing for any food service business.

We pride ourselves in providing you with a fantastic selection of hot or cold deli display cases. This allows you to serve a wide variety of food items–from hot pasta dishes to cold meat salads, you can now serve it all.

Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

Commercial refrigeration equipment is one of the biggest considerations and investments for any food service business owner. We offer a wide range of refrigeration options, from small refrigerators to large commercial freezers and we are here to assist you in choosing the perfect model to suit the needs of your business.

When you deal with perishable goods, commercial refrigeration equipment will help minimize waste and ensure your products are stored at the right temperature. This will keep them fresh longer, thus extending your budget! At The Perfect Fit USA, we make it easy to find the perfect commercial freezer, fridge, or cooler so you get maximum return on your investment.

Our selection covers anything from glass door commercial refrigerators that allow customers to serve themselves or full lines of commercial kitchen refrigeration equipment for your back of the house. We pre-select only appliances which have NSF or ETA approvals and have a satisfactory presence in parts and service.

Miscellaneous Equipment

Ever heard the expression, “Everything but the kitchen sink?” Well, we have everything PLUS the kitchen sink―Literally! The Perfect Fit USA carries an extensive inventory of all categories of food service equipment, convenience store and restaurant supplies, and commercial project needs: whether you’re in the market for new sinks and faucets for your kitchen, custom shelves and cabinets for your convenience store, a brand new commercial espresso machine for your boutique coffee lounge, or a complete design overhaul and renovation, we have you covered from floor to ceiling.

Commercial Coffee and Espresso Machines

Want to give your customers their jolt with some great tasting coffee? A commercial espresso machine is a great investment if you want to cash in on the coffee market. We have a wide range of different options available and will assist you in finding the commercial espresso and coffee maker that’s perfect for your cafeteria, coffee shop, or boutique cafe.

It would be wise to speak with us about how you and expand your espresso coffee profit center into even larger profits by adding simple inclusions and menu items all unique to the espresso coffee craze.

Whether you are looking for a commercial espresso machine that delivers just espresso or a single-cup coffee machine that allows you to add your own exciting ingredients, we have the right machine to suit your needs. Each is designed to dispense coffee quickly to ensure your queue of coffee lovers moves swiftly and your cash register rings constantly.

A commercial espresso machine is a great investment for any food service business. Demand for high-quality coffee is steadily rising, so you may want to consider a commercial cappuccino machine too so that you can offer a wider selection of coffee and hot beverages. Contact a The Perfect Fit USA sales consultant to hear more about our commercial espresso machine options!

Restaurant Furniture & Seating

Ensure your guests can enjoy their meal seated comfortably with our wide range of restaurant tables and chairs. We have taken the time to select the best dining area and front of house furniture on the market today. Whether you are looking for chairs and tables for your cafe or banquet seating for your fine dining restaurant, we have the perfect restaurant tables and chairs right here at The Perfect Fit USA.

Our furniture is the best way to transform the look and feel of your establishment, give your guests comfortable and functional seating areas, and make the most of your furniture budget. From flip top tables to folding chairs to bar stools and booths, we’ve got it all!

Why not browse our furniture selection today to find the perfect seating solution for your business? We offer indoor seating for any establishment and also outdoor restaurant tables and chairs for those who love to dine al fresco.

Commercial Ice Cream & Gelato Makers

At The Perfect Fit USA, we know what a great investment a commercial ice cream machine can be for your business, especially during the summer months. The industry name for such machines is “batch freezer”. Give your customers a refreshing treat and keep them coming back for more. We carry a wide range of batch freezers that fit the needs of any ice cream parlor, cafe, or restaurant, including soft serve ice cream machines and gelato makers.

Whether you are looking for a floor model commercial batch freezer or a counter top model for a smaller area, we’ve pre-selected the best makes and models on the market so that your premium commercial batch freezer will serve you well for many years.

Our commercial batch freezers include features such as temperature displays and motor overload cutouts for easy usage. These features ensure that your ice cream comes out at the perfect temperature and texture regardless of the temperature outside. Browse our selection today to find the perfect commercial batch freezer for your business.

Yogurt & Soft Serve Machines

Looking for the ultimate way to treat your customers during the summer months? A soft serve ice cream machine could be just the thing to invest in if you are looking to generate some extra revenue for your business. And if you are running an ice cream parlor, a soft serve ice cream machine is an absolute necessity!

We offer different makes and models of soft serve ice cream machines that are loaded with features and will allow you to quickly serve delicious ice cream to your customers. The return on this investment is high―your soft serve ice cream machine will pay for itself in no time!

Whether you are looking for a counter top model or a floor standing machine, we will deliver the perfect soft serve ice cream machine that meets your needs. We have many different options that are all designed to fit into your establishment perfectly. Talk to one of our knowledgeable sales consultants to find out more about our soft serve ice cream machines and accessories.

Ventilation & Fire Suppression Hoods

Safety and comfort in the kitchen of your establishment is of paramount importance for your staff, your customers, and your reputation. You must be absolutely sure that in the event of a fire, you have the necessary safety equipment in place. Our restaurant fire suppression systems give you complete peace of mind that, should worst come to worst, fire will be suppressed and contained.

Whether you need class 1 or class 2 hood systems, we will supply and install custom ventilation hoods to suit your needs. We also understand that regulations are different depending on state, county, and city. Our knowledgeable consultants will guide you in the right direction when it comes time to select your ventilation hood so that you comply with the regulations and restrictions in your area.

Contact The Perfect Fit USA today to find out more about our range of ventilation hood systems and how you can ensure your kitchen is comfortable for your employees, working efficiently with your A/C system and protected against the worst case scenario of a fire.

Ice Cream Supplies

So, you’ve ordered one of our fantastic ice cream machines or ice cream displays. Now you need the ice cream supplies to go with it! As you would expect, The Perfect Fit USA offers everything your food service business needs to get you started serving up delicious frozen treats to your customers right away. From spatulas to serving pans, we stock everything and you can be sure we have hand selected the best products on the market today.

Our broad range of ice cream supplies give you the freedom to choose the items that best suit the needs of your business. We offer supplies that will ensure your business’ daily operations run smoothly and efficiently, in the most hygienic and cost-effective way.

Choose from metal and plastic ice cream serving pans, ice cream scoops, ice cream cups, bowls, and spatulas, and everything in between. We really have thought of it all. Take a look at our selection today and choose the items that best suit your business.

Custom Shelving and Cabinetry

Are you looking for premium quality cabinetry? At The Perfect Fit USA, we offer our customers a wide range of cabinetry options to suit the size of your establishment, the space you have available, and the equipment you want to display. We offer wood based cabinetry, metal framed wood cabinetry and for those who need the ultimate durability, metal cabinetry. We also supply the NSF wire or stainless store shelving that can hold and store any product, whether you need to display fine wines, bakery products, or packaged goods.

We work closely with you to design, build and install your cabinetry with the finishes you choose as well as your choice of cabinetry top material. The materials we use are sturdy and of the highest quality. We offer a range of innovative solutions designed for the modern convenience store looking to maximize profits by stocking a wide variety of different goods.