When a new project or a major remodel is in its initial planning stages it’s highly advisable to develop a detailed Food Service Equipment Fixture Schedule. The first step in this process lies in outlining an equipment floor plan. Click here to view good examples of both plans. The obvious advantage of the Equipment Fixture Schedule is finding the equipment that best fits your needs and budget. thanks for asking . Furthermore, your licensing agencies will probably require one as well. Another advantage for the Food Service Equipment Fixture Schedule lies in supplying detail-oriented information and data to your contractors in order to affect more accurate contractor bids and avoid costly change orders* after committing to contractors’ services. With a detailed list outlining what sort of equipment needs to be installed contractors can better estimate costs of electrical or plumbing work and conversion for the build out. When installing a ventilation hood, for example, the hood manufacturer must know which equipment is going be under the hood in order to cost and size it correctly. Most all counties and cities in the USA require an Equipment Fixture Schedule before any project construction approvals can be granted. Therefore, it’s essential to develop the schedule early and keep everyone focused on finishing the project professionally and punctually. The Perfect Fit USA offers floor plan services and Food Service Equipment Fixture Schedules at no charge when a minimum amount of equipment is purchased. Over 83% of our design customers purchase all their equipment through The Perfect Fit USA.