Project Description

Kirsten founded her bakery based on her Danish heritage and her desire to bring the deliciousness of Denmark’s baked goods to the US. With the help of two Danish bakers, she established her business in 1989 and grew to be one of the most respected bakeries in the Chicago area. Her shop serves up Danish specialties, Kringles, custom cakes, dessert trays, breakfast, brunch, and lunch. Her gorgeous pastries and baked goods are displayed in The Perfect Fit USA’s state of the art Vega bakery display cases.

Kirsten’s Feedback:
Dear Brian – The Perfect Fit USA,
We were able to remove the old cases and replace them with the new Vega cases in just one day. Hurrah! There were no problems. You will understand how that helped minimize our revenue loss and disruption of service to our customers. The installers did call Vega once for clarification on something and the issue was immediately resolved. The cases are operating beautifully and our product looks so much better. Thank you for your great ideas and your assistance in putting this remodel with our bakery display cases together.
Kirsten Jepsen

Kirsten’s Danish Bakery