Project Description

Sambalatte is a place to “sip, savor, and socialize,” says owner and operator Luiz C. Oliveira. His Brazilian heritage and cultural influence inspired him to open an upscale espresso bar and lounge in Las Vegas. The Perfect Fit USA is proud to have helped create the vibrant atmosphere and exquisite experience for coffee lovers by supplying the floorplan and all the facility equipment in this first cafe out of three to this date.

Luiz’s Feedback:
Thanks for all the pictures! Our new cafe  looks so very nice. You were one of the few people which I talked with that were very open and sincere since our first conversation. I truly appreciate that. Being in the hospitality business for so many years I have encountered people with all type of personality but you are one of a kind. A big thank you!

Luiz C. Olivera
Samblatte Torrefazione, LLC