Project Description

It was a pleasure and a privilege to work with Terry Hoard and his team at several of the Angel’s Ice Cream and Fine Food locations. Famous for unique flavors like banana pineapple swirl and local treats like macadamia nut Halo. Angel’s has become a staple for residents and a go-to destination for visitors. The Perfect Fit USA provided layout plans and tailored them to Angel’s needs until they were just right for the Health Department, Angel’s model and Angel’s budget. We supplied the entire restaurant equipment package including batch ice cream makers commercial grade, commercial ice cream freezer display units, Class 1 hoods, cookline equipment, furnishings and all other food service equipment.

Terry’s Feedback: Brian is the kind of business person I will recommend with confidence. If you’re his customer, he’ll take care of you. That is how I feel The Perfect Fit USA. It’s has the type of business and personal ethics you can count on. Brian and his team are genuinely concerned about customers, friends, and business acquaintances. He’s provided us invaluable help in developing our layout plans and worked with us to modify them until they satisfied our needs. He’s consistently given us sound advice regarding products and what they can do, but most importantly, he acknowledged when the product was not the right fit for us and our business. This is why I have enjoyed working with Brian and Deb for the last several years. I trust The Perfect Fit USA and we look forward to recommending their services to any inquiries.
Terry Hoard – Director Of Operations – Angel’s Ice Cream and Fine Food

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